Guidance on Sakado Nishi Clinic


We all have the power of maintaining and healing our physical and mental condition. It is called self-healing power. Human being can live vigorously without drugs or health foods. We all originally have everything neccessary to live healthy.

Many people get ill because of functional disorder derived from physical and mental imbalance caused by bad lifestyle.

I have been practiced Yaoi Impact Therapy(YIT) to treat allergic and other many diseases since 1993.Now I am convinced of above idea.

Recently “lifestyle disease” is attracted, and it is said that we must change our bad lifestyle to treat thoroughly many diseases of lifestyle. I think allergy is lifestyle disease too.

There are patients show not so good repair in spite of their YIT extend over a long time. I have been searching a way by which they can get better health without drugs or health foods.

Now I pay attention to the diet suitable to human nature, and I am learning and practicing the diet. And patients shows good course by the diet.

This diet is one of the principles of Natural Hygine. Many people cannnot carry out the principles without changes. But the effect of YIT is reinforced by adopting the proper diet even a little.

I have been practicing YIT without change of patients’ lifestyle, but now I think only the injection is not the fundamental treatment or solution. I recommend patients to change bad lifestyle to enjoy good fruitful life.

In the fourth centuries B.C. Hippocrates,Father of Medicine, said “what you eat is your drugs.”

I practice ordinary medicine, but intend not to reduce self-healing power and “the clinic where everyone can get well.”

Managing Fields of Medicine

allergy,internal medicine,pediatrics,rehabilitation

  • Yaoi Impact therapy
  • treatment and prevention of lifestyle
  • diseases(obesity,diabetus,hypertension,etc.) by unique diet
  • improvemsnt of constitution by Chinese medicine
  • support of abstaiing smoking by nicotin patch

Clinic Hours

9:00am to 0:30pm and 3:00pm to 7:00pm, Monday through Saturday.
9:00am to 0:00pm on Sunday.
Closed on national holidays.

Contact Address

Sakado Nishi Clinic
33,Kitamine, Sakado, Saitama, 350-0258 Japan


From Tokyo by train: At Ikebukuro station take the train of Tobu-Tojo Line for Shinrinkoen or Yorii, get off at Sakado station. It takes about 45 minutes by express.
From north exit of Sakado station, it takes about 15 minutes by taxi. If you know Japanese well,you can choose the bus for Oh’hashi,and get off at Koyama bus stop, and then you must walk a few minutes.

By car: From Tsurugasima inter change of Kan-Etsu Auto Road, it takes about 15 minutes.


●At present, I cannot afford to treat foreign patients. I think it is important to help patients around my clinic first. As YIT grow more popular, many people in the world will be able to benefit by YIT.

●But if you are eager to be treated by YIT, please contact directly to Dr. Hiroyoshi YAOI, who is now doing YIT on every Wednesday and Thursday at Yaoi Impact Clinic Tokyo, 3-8-1Kaji-cho, Kanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo (TEL+81-3-5295-0141or +81-19-687-3888,FAX+81-3-5295-0241 or+81-19-687-3777) or please wait until YIT will become more common in the world, and doctors of your countries will start YIT.(29 May,2000)

●You may think strange to see this home page because homeopathic therapy (YIT) and Natural Hygine are dealt with one clinic.

Natural Hygiene is not known to many people in Japan. And Japanese people can not change their diet radically as Americans do, because it is difficult for many Japanese to do differently from others.

So I cannnot guide patients only by Natural Hygiene for now. I am working for many patients to understand the mechanism of health and disease, and I want to supervise the treatment based on Natural Hygiene in the future.

Introduction to Yaoi Impact Therapy (YIT)

Director of Sakado Nishi Clinic : IRI Hajime


Sakado Nishi Clinic is a small private clinic opened 1993.
It stands on the western outskirts of Sakado City which is located about 50Km north of Tokyo, Japan.

I have been attaching importance to the treatment for many allergic and non allergic intractable diseases.
And now, I introduce you a wonderful treatment YAOI Impact Therapy(YIT).


I think we all have the power of keeping our health (power of life), but these days there are so many harmful materials , and our life-styles are getting worse for us.

So some of us are exactly coming weaker in both body and mind. And many people constantly use various kinds of health foods or drugs and too much take medications. But their troubles are not solved easily.

Finally, they complain about the uselessness of drugs and medications for themselves, and think the reason of of their weak constitution and aging.

If you want to be cured of allergic diseases completely, I recommend Yaoi Impact Therapy(YIT).

This epoch-making therapy was born and established in Japan by Dr. Hiroyoshi YAOI at the end of the 1980s. Dr. H. YAOI is the head of Total Research Institute on Allergy and Intractable Diseases, and the director of Yaoi Medical Clinic in Takizawa ,020-0173 Japan.

There are many ways to build up our health, but I think there is no other method, safer, cheaper simpler, sooner effective and more excellent than YIT.

And there is no need to restrict life style for treating patients by YIT. In other words, no restriction, nor expensive drugs nor equipments are required for the treatment of allergic and many other diseases.

Repeating of appropriate stimulations at best intervals make our body and mind much healthier and keep it well.

This concept named “YAOI Impact Charging Theory“(YICT) is the most basic and very important for YIT. These stimulations will be given by the injections of allergen extracts commonly used for the skin testing and the trearment of allergic diseases.

YIT has been performed since 1993 in Sakado Nishi Clinic, and has got the great reputation for its excellent effects.


First, I will check your clinical history carefully, especially for checking your weak points and their degrees.

Second, I’ll take blood samples for allergic test, and give you intra-or subcutaneous injections of several allergen extracts, (for example, candida albicans, house dust, pollen of flowers and trees,cats’ or dogs’ hair, etc.) which are commonly used for skin testing and hyposensitization therapy for allergic diseases.

In Sakado Nishi Clinic these are diluted from 1:1,000,000 to1:100,000,000,000,000. And volumes of every injections are about 0.005mL -0.1mL or more. And several kinds of them will be injected in your forearm.

About 20-30 minutes later, I will check and measure the skin reaction caused by YIT injections. Then I advise you the day you will come for the next YIT injection, and ask your questions about YIT and health conditions and advise about them.


Many patients are relieved from their troubles of many kinds of diseases, to a greater or less extent, as soon as they are injected in each time.

Immediately after YIT injection, itching of atopic dermatitis, nasal obstruction of chronic rhinitis and dyspnea of chronic asthma will be decreased respectively .

They are often eased from many kinds of pains suffering for many days by only one injection of YIT. And the duration of YIT injections will be gradually getting longer and longer.

But in some patients, these effects will be coming very slowly, and changes are not recognized soon after those early injections.

Times for removing symptoms are different from one patient to another. Some patients are cured by only one or two YIT injections, but many patients need several years for curing their symptoms and ailments.

Many people are relieved from their burdens of many diseases whenever they are administered by YIT injections.

At the beginning of YIT in Sakado Nishi Clinic, most of patients will come once or twice a month but severe patients will come every week. When they improved much, they will come at longer intervals.

After all, it is important to continue YIT. Anyway, complete cure will be carried out by natural healing systems.

YIT is very effective not only for allergic diseases but also for other many kinds of diseases .

And even if a patient has many ailments at the same time, for example – allergic rhinitis, chronic asthma, atopic dermatitis, menstrual disorders and severe headaches, these difficult conditions will be able to improve much better by only YIT.

Yaoi Impact Clinic Tokyo

New center of YIT was open on 1 June,2000.

Dr.Yaoi practices YIT from 7:00am to 9:00pm on every Wednesday and Thursday at Yaoi Impact Clinic Tokyo.

contact adress:
Yaoi Impact Clinic Tokyo
3-8-1Kaji-cho , Kanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 101-0045
TEL+81-3-5295-0141or +81-19-687-3888,
FAX+81-3-5295-0241 or+81-19-687-3777